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Torrefazione La Triestina

Degustazione caffè Trieste
If you’d like to sample a special coffee, come along to Torrefazione La Triestina, a characteristic and historic establishment situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the city’s historic centre.

Torrefazione La Triestina was established over half-a-century ago (in 1948) and offers coffee tasting and the sale of both raw and roasted coffee, as well as teas, infusions and herbal teas and many luxury sweet treats.

We are one of the few coffee specialists still active in the city today. ‘La Triestina’ is a symbol of the great connection that those from Trieste have with coffee.

Trieste, Capital of Coffee

Trieste’s history is closely linked to the world of coffee. The city’s love of coffee dates back to the period in which Trieste was the most important port in the Austro-Hungarian Empire along the Mediterranean Sea, and it was equipped with warehouses for the trade of coffee destined to supply the historic cafés of that time.

Since then, the city of Trieste has had a key role in the history of coffee and its evolution across the European continent, and this is why it deserves the title ‘Capital of Coffee’.

Torrefazione La Triestina is of the few coffee specialists still active today, emblematic of the original bond that brings this city and its inhabitants together with the world of coffee.

Unique coffee blends

Many coffee blends, unique and exquisite coffees can be tried and purchased from our shop.

We sell raw and roasted coffee and offer samples accompanied by a croissant at breakfast or a sweet treat.

A Historic Establishment

Capital of Coffee
Amidst the streets of Città Vecchia, the historic centre of Trieste in the Cavana district, at Via di Cavana no.2, an unique boutique where one can sample and purchase coffee as the people from Trieste like to do continues to live on.

This is a genuine old-fashioned coffee roasting shop, an institution, one of the most enchanting coffee roasters in the Capital of Coffee.

The age-old culture of coffee

Coffee and More

As well as coffee, Torrefazione La Triestina offers teas, infusions and herbal teas (and also the sale of tea accessories, such as teapots, cups and mugs, infusers).

Customised blends can also be prepared according to each client’s preference.

We have a great selection of luxury sweet treats, chocolates, small cakes, biscuits and pastries, honey, jam, all of which make for tasty gift ideas.

Torrefazione La Triestina