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Tea sales Trieste
Torrefazione La Triestina specialises in the sale of tea, infusions and herbal teas already boxed and from many selected brands. Clients can also find many blends directly packaged in our shop.

The world of tea is fascinating, full of mystery and magic, and delicate flavours that can perfectly satisfy all tastes.

For tea lovers, La Triestina offers products from many different parts of the world, a thoughtfully prepared selection of teas, infusions and herbal teas, which is always updated with new suggestions.

Special tea blends, infusions and herbal teas

Torrefazione La Triestina offers a wide range of special tea blends, infusions and herbal teas, all select products of the highest quality: white tea, black tea, red tea, loose tea, green tea and many infusions and herbal teas.

We offer our clients the choice of a great variety of products selected according to their quality, from the best brands. Everyone can find a blend that satisfies their individual tastes. In addition, the highest quality luxury sweet treats from excellent brands can be purchased: chocolates, small cakes, biscuits and pastries, honey, jam.

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Delivery across Europe

Torrefazione la Triestina sells and delivers tea blends, infusions and herbal teas across Europe. Even as a gift idea!

For more information, contact us or come and visit us in store: Torrefazione La Triestina, Via di Cavana, 2, Trieste (TS). Telephone number (+39) 040 306586

The essentials for a perfectly-made cup of tea

For those who love tea ceremony or who are in need of gift ideas, you can purchase original tea accessories:

  • teapots
  • cups and mugs
  • infusers
  • and much more.

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